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Getting the brush off From The Northern Echo

THE THINGS THEY SAY AND WRITEAUDREY Wood, of Carrville, Durham, remembered the time she was teaching Ushaw Moor Junior School and the project for that term was the Tudors.The class had got as far as Anne Boleyn and, by this stage, Henry VIII was already sick of her and had his eyes on Jane Seymour.When Anne gave birth to a stillborn son, which was all the king wanted, her fate was sealed and she was thrown in the tower to await execution.For their creative writing that week, the class was asked to imagine they were Anne and write a letter Henry, pleading for her life.One little lad wrote: “Dear Henry, do not kill me. It wasn’t my fault the baby died. The milk was too hot.”AND when she was teaching Neville’s Cross Primary School Durham, two boys who’d been messing about were told they’d have miss PE and finish work they should have done during the morning.Ten minutes later, one of the boys came into the hall with all his work finished but there was no sign the other boy.“And what is that other naughty boy doing?” asked Audrey.“Nothing,” replied the boy. “He just said ‘bugger this for a game of soldiers!’”

via Getting the brush off From The Northern Echo.

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