Ushaw Moor Community on Streetlife

A new social networking site that’s geared towards your local area, use this to chat about stuff happening in Ushaw Moor.

It can be community issues,crime, selling your stuff, events in fact anything you want to chat about.

Streetlife makes it easy to connect and share with your neighbours.

From vid on youtube.

Social networking has changed the world, but to be honest, it can be a little…frivolous. Which is fun now and again, but trying to find someone local to talk about something meaningful can be frustrating. Say you want to meet like-minded people nearby, or share skills and possessions? What if you’ve got important news to tell your neighbors, or you want to volunteer in your local community? Knocking on doors is awkward, you never have time to talk over the garden fence, and your social network’s no use, because it only connects you with people you already know. And they could live…ANYWHERE.

Epipheo Studios shows you how Streetlife gives you an easy way to find people nearby in the UK who care about the place you call home.

Sign up below.

via Ushaw Moor Community.

Video on Youtube telling you what it’s all about.

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