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Perfect ten for Deerness Gymnasts From The Northern Echo

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IT was a perfect ten for a leading North-East gymnastics club, as all ten members returned from a British championship with gold medals.

Deerness Gymnastics Academy, based in Ushaw Moor, County Durham, took gold in the 11-16 Men’s Group, 12-18 Women’s Pair, 12-18 Mixed Pair and Senior Men’s Pair categories at the British Championships, held in Stoke-on-Trent last weekend (April 13-14).

The ten winners were: Alex Houston, 20, from Consett; Tim Pritchard, 17, from Belmont; Abbi Greaves, 12, from Ushaw Moor; Chelsea Fisher, 16, from Darlington; Millie Nesbitt, 14, from Durham; Liam Sneath, 16, from Spennymoor; Michael Gill, 14, from Ponteland; Nathan Brady, 14, from Durham; Stuart Napier, 14, from Durham; and Finn Gavin, 11, from Alnwick.

Stuart Thompson, the academy’s head of acrobatics, said: “I’m really proud of them all and they fully deserve to be British champions.

“It is fantastic to see that all the hard work and the hours of training in the gym has paid off.”

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Ushaw Moor Community Website – This Is A TEST

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Ushaw Moor Community Website.

All Gold for Deerness Gymnastics Academy at British Championships – Sky Tyne and Wear

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All ten gymnasts from Deerness Gymnastics Academy have returned from the British Acrobatic Championships this weekend as British Champions and with a GOLD medal after competing against the very best acrobatic gymnasts from around the country.

The club took the titles of British Champion in four categories – 11-16 Mens Group, 12-18 Womens Pair, 12-18 Mixed Pair and Senior Mens Pair as Britain’s best battled for coveted podium places.

This year’s British Championships were spectacular, with many seasoned performers and avid newcomers alike, all vying for the coveted title of British Champion in their respective category. Taking place in Stoke on Trent on the 13th and 14th April, the British Championships showcased spectacular gymnastics from some of the worlds best acrobatic gymnasts. The competition performances included intricate balances performed by pairs, trios and quartets, with exciting multiple and twisting somersaults with partners being pitched and caught.

Alex Houston (20) from Consett and Tim Pritchard (17) from Belmont became British Champions after winning Gold in the Mens Pair (Senior), carrying on their their success as they have held the junior title for the past five years.

Abbi Greaves (12) from Ushaw Moor and Chelsea Fisher (16) from Darlington won Gold competing together for the first time and became British Champions in Womens Pair (12-18yrs).

Millie Nesbitt (14) from Durham and Liam Sneath (16) from Spennymoor also competed together for the first time and took Gold to become British Champions in Mixed Pair (12-18yrs).

Deerness also took Gold in the Mens Group (11-16yrs) as Michael Gill (14) from Ponteland, Nathan Brady (14) from Durham, Stuart Napier (14) from Durham and Finn Gavin (11) from Alnwick became British Champions.

(All the winning performances are available to view here)

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Deerness Gymnastics Academy – 1st Place British Championships

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Deerness’ 1st place performance at the 2013 Acrobatic British Championships.They scored 28.165.

Deerness – SMP D – Acro British 2013 – YouTube.

Finn gears up for top championships – Deerness Gymnastics Academy

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Alnwick lad Finn Gavin will compete against the very best acrobatic gymnasts from around the country this weekend.

The 11-year-old, who belongs to the County Durham-based, is to battle it out at the British Acrobatic Gymnastic Championships.

Finn will be competing in the age group (11-16 years) men’s four event.

The prestigious competition takes place in Stoke-on-Trent on Saturday and Sunday.

He is one of 10 gymnasts from the club travelling to the British Championships.

All of them are coached by Stuart Thompson and Karl Wharton who also coached the club’s senior men’s group to become World Champions in 2012. Stuart praised the ability and commitment of those at the club who have put in many hours of training in the gym and worked with international choreographers to prepare their routines to incorporate strength, agility, flexibility, balance and acrobatic skills for this competition.

Performances at the championships will include intricate balances and multiple and twisting somersaults.

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Deerness Valley prepared for British battle

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Senior Mens Group - 2011 European Champions 1

Ahead of the Acrobatic British Championships this weekend in Stoke on Trent, British Gymnastics caught up with Deerness Valley, a well-established acrobatic and tumbling club based at Deerness Gymnastics Academy in County Durham.

Having produced numerous British, European and World Champions and become winners of the ITV talent show ‘Let’s Get Gold’ with the group Acropolis in 2012, head of acro at the club, Stuart Thompson is now looking forward to 2013 and beyond. Stuart is excited about the upcoming talent at Deerness and knows with many gymnasts retiring that hard work is essential and this weekend we can look forward to seeing the stars of the future.

“In terms of competitions, the club has taken a break since the Worlds in Florida last year and my aim has been to build up the squads again. We have development groups coming through now and I want to make sure I develop them because they are the future – there is a great deal of talent in the club. The British Championships will be our first focus as we have had a lot of moving around with a few people retiring from Florida. You have to crack on and push yourself; we will work hard and see what it brings.”

For a lot of the gymnasts competing this weekend it will be their first British Championships. It’s a time for new talent to shine as fresh partnerships and groups are formed and it will be a key competition for gymnasts looking to be selected for the World Games this summer in Colombia. Club member, Abbi Greaves is looking forward to the weekend.

“It’ll be my first British Championships this year in a pair with my teammate Chelsea. It’s a big competition but I don’t mind, I try not to think about it so I don’t get nervous. I love doing acro, I like travelling to different places and meeting new people, you’re never alone – you always have someone to compete with.”

World Champion and ‘Let’s Get Gold’ winner, Richard Hurst has now retired from the sport and is a full time coach at the club. He achieved outstanding success at international level and although he was also successful in the talent show world he knows the importance of the British Championships and other competitions and how the feeling of achieving in your sport will always be the best.

“Acro gymnastics has always been great for display; it’s fascinating for people to watch. I however still prefer the competitions; the talent show was completely different experience to worlds for example. The high you get from winning competitions and hearing the national anthem playing is a completely different high that you get when you do a display. The applause is still the same and it’s great, but nothing beats competing.”

For the full article ‘For the love of acro’ on both Richard Hurst and Stuart Thompson, check out the next issue of the GYMNAST magazine coming soon.

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Police probe two Ushaw Moor arson attacks (From The Northern Echo)

POLICE say it is lucky no-one was hurt in two house fires.

Durham Police believes the fires, which both broke out in Ushaw Moor, near Durham, in the early hours of Monday, April 1, were both started deliberately.

The first was in the garden of an empty house on Aldridge Court. The outside of the house and its back door was damaged.

The second happened in a shed on Bay Court. Again, the outside of the house was damaged. Three children, including a four-month-old girl, were in the house at the time.

Detective Constable Malcolm Bell, of Durham CID, said: “I am appealing for witnesses in what could have been tragic circumstances.

“The fires appear to have been set for no reason.”

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