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Durham City traffic cameras – traffic cameras on key routes into Durham City

August 12, 2015 Leave a comment

Durham City traffic cameras

Find details of traffic cameras on key routes into Durham City so you can view the current traffic conditions. Information is updated once every minute.

Please select from the traffic cameras below:



via Durham City traffic cameras – Durham.


Ushaw Moor pupils tackle school parking problem

October 4, 2013 Leave a comment

CHILDREN in the North-East have issued their own tickets to prevent parents parking their cars outside their school.

Pupils from Silver Tree Primary school in Ushaw Moor, near Durham, have been working with police on the project to tackle the problem.

People are leaving their vehicles, blocking the road and making it unsafe for youngsters trying to cross.

PC Jeff Barksby said: “I arranged for the Year Four children to design their own ‘parking ticket’ in order to help with educating drivers, rather than prosecution.

“The idea is that myself and a small number of the school children will then issue the tickets as appropriate to motorists outside of the school to try and ensure a safer environment for children attending and leaving the school.”

Rhiannon Henry, eight, from Ushaw Moor, who designed the winning entry, was presented with £25 toy voucher at a special assembly at the school on Wednesday.

via Ushaw Moor pupils tackle school parking problem From The Northern Echo.

Road Safetly Campaign – The Village Gateway Project

Published April 11, 2013

Drivers are being reminded that they need to slow down as part of a road safety campaign involving local residents.


People living in Castleside, Lanchester, Maiden Law, Ushaw Moor, Satley, Burnhope, Esh Winning and New Brancepeth are helping to design and promote road safety schemes in their villages.


Measures including road markings, signs, speed visors and fencing have been installed, or are being considered, on roads at the entrances to the communities as part of a project being led by Mid Durham Area Action Partnership.


Andy Coulthard, co-ordinator of the AAP, said: “The ‘village gateway’ project was set up after the issue of road safety was raised as one of the top three community concerns by residents in the AAP area.”


The measures will be monitored for a year to establish their impact on the speed of traffic.


To support the scheme a promotional campaign, involving local people, has been launched in partnership with Get Carter Productions.


Residents from the areas and students from St Bede’s Catholic School and Sixth Form College are starring in a radio advertising campaign running until June 8 with the key message being the importance of sticking to the correct speed limit.


Adverts will also appear on buses travelling on 40 routes in the AAP area between April 15 and June 15, reminding drivers that there are pedestrians and children playing in the village communities.


Alan Kennedy, road safety manager at Durham County Council, said: “This campaign is designed to ensure drivers stick to the speed limit to help keep themselves, other road users and pedestrians safe.”

via Press release.

Anger after speed limit raised outside Ushaw Moor school (From The Northern Echo)

March 10, 2013 Leave a comment

COUNCILLORS are fuming after a committee voted to increase the speed limit on approach to a busy secondary school.

Durham County Council’s highways committee today (Friday, March 8) voted to raise the limit on part of Whitehouse Lane, in Ushaw Moor, from 30mph to 40mph – despite the area being used by vehicles accessing Durham Community Business College (DCBC).

During the County Hall meeting, Councillor John Turnbull pleaded with his colleagues to preserve the current 30mph limit, saying the increase would be very dangerous and totally wrong.

But his calls for further discussions were refused.

Afterwards, Coun John Wilkinson, who also supported the 30mph limit, said: “I’m very disappointed that this committee has taken no notice of what people in Ushaw Moor want.”

The 30mph limit will come into force further down Whitehouse Lane into Ushaw Moor; but Coun Wilkinson said this was “the wrong place.”

The committee agreed the new regime should be reviewed in 12 months’ time; but Coun Wilkinson said this “won’t mean anything”.

Whitehouse Court, which links Whitehouse Lane to DCBC, will retain its 30mph limit.

The change was part of a wider shake-up which will see 40mph ‘buffer zones’ introduced at both ends of the main road through Bearpark to slow traffic in that village.

Bearpark’s 30mph zone will be shrunk as part of this change.

A spokesman for Durham University, which recently temporarily moved its Durham Business School to nearby Ushaw College, protested the latter part of this proposal.

But Brian Buckley, the council’s strategic highways manager, said the 30mph limit at the Ushaw College end of Bearpark ‘lacks credibility’.

Coun Mark Wilkes said he had been pushing for the Bearpark changes for some time, they made absolute sense and should have happened years ago.

The changes were approved by 11 votes to one, with only Coun Turnbull voting against.

As a result of the changes, there will be no 60mph zone between Bearpark and Durham City. The eastern 40mph buffer zone will extend all the way to Toll House Road, where another 30mph limit begins.

via Anger after speed limit raised outside Ushaw Moor school (From The Northern Echo).

Ushaw Moor hit and run driver shouted abuse at boy she ran over – Today’s News – News – JournalLive

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

POLICE are hunting a hit and run driver who callously left an eight-year-old boy lying injured at the side of a busy road.

Matthew Surtees was hit by a car driven by a woman dressed in either a nurse’s or carer’s uniform.

But instead of helping him, she launched a tirade of abuse at the stricken youngster before driving off.

Last night, Matthew’s mum Kim described the woman as “the lowest of the low”.

Matthew had almost crossed Whitehouse Lane, which runs through his home village of Ushaw Moor, near Durham City, when he was struck by the car, believed to have been a Fiat Punto.

The youngster was knocked to the ground and hit his head on the road.

via Ushaw Moor hit and run driver shouted abuse at boy she ran over – Today’s News – News – JournalLive.

Highways Projects – Road Safety Schemes

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

The AAP, its local elected members, Parish Councils,partner officers and local residents are working on a number of road safety schemes throughout Mid Durham. There are schemes ongoing in Castleside, Lanchester, Maiden Law, Cornsay Colliery, Ushaw Moor and Broompark with more to follow in Esh inning, Burnhope, Satley, New Brancepeth and Holmside. To support these schemes residents are being asked to promote any speeding issues at their local PACT meetings whereby the use of the community speed watch scheme and police enforcement if necessary can be implemented.

For more details on your local pact meetings see

The Heads up Mid Durham Area Action Partnership issue 5