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World’s a stage for Deerness eight – Sunderland Echo

All eight are British champions, as well as being European silver medallists, with the Ushaw Moor-based youngsters up against the world’s elite.

The competition performances will include intricate balances performed by pairs, trios and quartets, with multiple and twisting somersaults with partners being pitched and caught.

Abbi Greaves (13) and Chelsea Fisher (17) look to build on their success in the 12-18 years woman’s pair, while Millie Nesbitt (15) and Liam Sneath (17) are in the 12-18 mixed pair event.

In the 11-16 category, Michael Gill (16), Nathan Brady (16), Stuart Napier (15) and Finn Gavin (12) will compete in the men’s group.

Deerness’s head of gymnastics, Stuart Thompson, said: “Although they have all represented Great Britain before, there is a lot of competition throughout the world in what is a growing discipline of gymnastics.

“Even though they are all very talented gymnasts, they will have to perform at their very best in the competition to achieve their goals of a medal.

“In 2012, four gymnasts from Deerness Gymnastics Academy took the gold medal in the senior men’s group at the World Championships in Florida, so it would be great to build on this success on the world stage.”

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ill girl holds charity ball to help other children – Sunderland Echo

Child of Courage winner Grace Kemp, of Bay Court, Ushaw Moor, Durham, who is hosting a ball for a children’s charity at the Stadium of Light.

COME rain or shine, Grace Kemp shall go to the ball.

Despite battling her own health problems, the 10-year-old has poured her spare time into organising a fund-raising ball for other poorly children.

SAFC fan Grace, from County Durham, has chosen the Stadium of Light as the venue for her event on Saturday to raise money for the The Indee Rose Trust, which helps children diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour.

Grace herself has been plagued by tumours.

At just 18 months, her family were devastated to learn that she had a condition called neurofibrematosis, and is susceptible to growing tumours on nerve endings on any part of her body.

Grace was dealt a further blow at the age of two when it was discovered a piece of bone was missing from her left arm, which meant she had to undergo a nine-hour operation to transplant bone from her leg to replace it.

As if that wasn’t enough, a routine eye test at the age of four revealed she had a tumour on both optic nerves.

The youngster embarked on an intense course of chemotherapy, but her vision has been left impaired. Her courage in the face of adversity has earned her a Child of Courage Award in the Echo’s Pride of Wearside Awards in 2011.

Now Grace wants to say thank you to the charity that has helped her.

Grace’s mum Judith, 37, said: “Over the years, The Indee Rose Trust has done so much to help Grace. It even paid for One Direction tickets for her at the Stadium of Light, which she absolutely loved ever second of.

“They help so many other children too.

“We’ve done other fund-raising for the charity in the past, such as a psychic night, a charity night and a leg wax, but this is the first time we have done anything this big. The Stadium of Light has been fantastic.”

Speaking about Grace’s health, the mum-of-two said: “Grace has a benign brain tumour, which is stable and doesn’t require treatment. Mainly, it’s her vision and balance which is affected from past treatment, but she doesn’t let it stop her. She still does judo at school.”

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Valerie braves the pain for sponsored walk From The Northern Echo

A GRANDMOTHER hopes to defy her osteoporosis to complete a sponsored walk.

Valerie Grimwood, who was diagnosed with the progressive bone disease last month at the age of 55, plans to walk the five miles from her home in Esh Winning, County Durham, to Ushaw Moor and back in aid of the National Osteoporosis Society.

She said her diagnosis was a shock but she had decided to undertake the sponsored walk to help her to come to terms with it.

Mrs Grimwood, who also suffers from a bent spine and is a full-time carer, plans to do the walk on Saturday, July 12.

To make a donation, visit

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Church stages week of fun events From The Northern Echo

A CHURCH will stage a week of activities in two Durham communities later this month (June 17-22).

Emmanuel Church Durham is putting on a number of events for children and adults across Gilesgate and Ushaw Moor between June 17 and 22, under the title God Loves.

Volunteers from the church will be offering practical help, including with gardening and running family friendly events.

In Gilesgate on Thursday, June 19, there will be a double decker bus filled with children’s activities parked near Cunningham Place from 3.30pm to 5pm.

Afterwards, Durham Youth For Christ will stage its third Urban Durham event from 5pm to 7pm, featuring a football cage, DJ sets and other sports, games and craft activities, again based around Cunningham Place.

Durham City Baptist Church, off Sunderland Road, will host a fun day from noon to 4pm on Saturday, June 21.

In Ushaw Moor, a fun day will be held at the village cricket ground on Saturday, June 21, from 1pm to 4pm.

The church will host a baptisms service on Sunday, June 22, at The Durham Centre, Belmont Industrial Estate, at 10.30am.

All events are open to all. For further details, visit

via Church stages week of fun events From The Northern Echo.

Reuse and Recycling A-Z – Durham County Council

For anyone still confused as to what goes where re. recycling, Check out this A-Z list of what items are recycled.

via Reuse and recycling A-Z – Durham County Council.

Bin it Right – Recycling and General Waste – Durham County Council

Do you bin it right? From this week we’ll be adding stickers to recycling bins to help everyone remember what goes in which bin so we can recycle even more and help protect our environment.

The amount of waste that gets recycled has increased by over 30% since the introduction of alternate weekly collections in 2012, but last year nearly 10% of it was contaminated by non-recyclable materials. Most commonly nappies, pet waste and food. Contaminated material not only reduces recycling rates but also costs about £100 a tonne in alternative disposal.

If you ever want to know what goes in which bin, you can check on our website at or call us on 03000 261000.

Bin it Right

Bin it Right

What goes in my recycling bin?

The following items go into your recycling bin with the blue lid.

Wash and squash your items where possible to remove food and save space. This helps to prevent contamination and keep your bin clean. Place all clean, dry items loose in your recycling bin to allow for sorting later.

Material Yes please No thanks
plastics recycling logo
  • all plastic bottles
  • yoghurt and butter containers
  • hard plastic containers
  • Children’s toys
  • black plastic food trays
Mixed paper recycling logo
  • all paper
  • all cardboard
  • plain greetings cards
  • polystyrene
  • used kitchen paper
  • wipes
  • nappies
Food and drink cans recycling logo
  • all steel and aluminium food tins and drinks cans
  • clean tin foil
  • biscuit and sweet tins
  • cutlery or any other metal objects
Carton logo
  • all cartons eg fruit juice, drinks and soup
  • polystyrene
Aerosol logo
  • aerosol cans

What goes in my recycling box?

The following items go clean and loose into the recycling box:

Material Yes please No thanks
Mixed glass logo
  • glass bottles and jars of all colours
  • broken glass
  • Pyrex
  • light bulbs
  • mirrors
  • flat glass

Other recyclable items

What about other items which are tricky to summarise under general headings?

Find a full list of items in our reuse and recycling A-Z.

What goes in my rubbish bin?

Material Yes please No thanks
Household Waste
  • domestic household waste that cannot be recycled.
  • recycling
  • rubble or bricks
  • vehicle parts
  • items which may make the bin too heavy

What goes in my garden waste bin?

The following items go into the garden waste bin with the brown lid.


Material Yes please No thanks
Garden waste icon
  • grass cuttings
  • shrubs
  • leaves
  • weeds
  • flowers and plants
  • hedge clippings
  • prunings
  • small branches (no larger than 7cm)
  • plastic / black bags
  • bio-degradable or compostable bags
  • plant pots / plastic trays
  • kitchen / food waste
  • soil / bricks / rubble
  • nappies
  • paper / plastic / cardboard
  • textiles
  • pet waste
  • children’s toys
  • garden ornaments

Bin it Right Guide

Find out more about recycling at home in our PDF IconBin It Right: A Guide to Recycling At Home.pdf (3 pages, 660kb).

Why is it important to put things in the right bins?

It’s really important that you follow these guidelines as it helps to reduce contamination and helps reduce the amount of waste going to energy from waste.

Every tonne of contaminated recycling costs the council approximately £100 to transport and dispose of through waste treatment.

If you do put waste in the wrong bin, you might find a reminder sticker on your bin or a leaflet through your door. You may also receive a letter asking you to remove it and put in the right bin before your next collection day.

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Body Blitz – Boot camp – Ushaw Moor Chapel Hall

Great news ladies and gentlemen got the Chapel hall at Ushaw Moor boot camp will start on Monday 9th June.

It will be on a Monday, Wednesday and  Thursday night 6 till 7 pm first class will be FREE.


Boxercise, ab blast, kettlebelss and loads more its free on Monday first class then
£4.50 or if you bring a friend £25 for the first month.

Mobile Uploads – Bobby Whitton Bodyblitz.